Building a Community and need help to grow?

We got your back with everything you need :)


What’s Community Fund?

Community Fund is an initiative by The Product Folks to help communities with mentorship, funding and everything else they need to go from 0-1.

We’ve built The Product Folks from scratch to become India’s leading product community within the last 2 years. We aim to share everything we know about building a community and help you with things we wish we had when we started. Help us help you and let’s grow together :)


Why Community Fund? Why Now?

Why we’re doing this?

This is our way of giving back from the immense support we’ve received from the ecosystem and help build incredible communities globally..


Communities are great ways in which people learn, network and level up in their careers. We believe if there’s a supportive community for every need and domain, people part of the community will grow together.


Back when we started The Product Folks, we felt there was no playbook we could replicate to grow. We were short of resources on many fronts and there was added chaos of doing something for the first time. That adds to the fun but we hope you’ll have fun in many other ways :)


Over the last couple of months, we’ve been able to learn from some of the best global community managers and we feel that these learnings, if available at the grassroot level, can be a huge boost to the community you’re trying to build.


We hope this helps us bring the ecosystem together, putting our best resources in one pot, enabling us to learn and grow together at 10x rate and along the way make some wonderful friends :)

Perks & Benefits

Here’s what you get if you get selected for the cohort!
Help you set the vision for the community and roadmap planning
Mentorship from the folks who scaled it already
Financial support and strategy support for marketing, tools and event experiences
Access to curated list of speakers & sponsors
1-on-1’s with Global Community builders
Access to Volunteers to help you scale
Tools for hosting and engaging the community
Access to the like minded community builders and ecosystem connects
Connect to different companies for hiring

We help you to grow your community from Zero-to-One!

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Application Process

Who can apply?

If you are building a community and are either at the early stage or at grassroot level and limited by resources. And you think TPF could help, feel free to fill the form below.

Application Form

Tell us a little bit about what you do and why you started your community. Fill all the details from the form.


Based on the answers received from the applications, we select a few communities to help them grow in 2021.

Meet for Virtual Chai

Based on the selection process, we meet you for a virtual chai to understand more about you.

Selection Results

Based on the conversation, we announce the results of the communities that got selected & shake hands together to help them grow.

Mentors for Community Fund

These are the established people in the industry from whom you’ll be getting mentorship and help to grow your community from 0-1.

Marvin McKinney

Product Leader | eBay

Cody Fisher

Product Leader | Facebook

Jerome Bell

Product Leader | Starbucks

Albert Flores

Product Leader | McDonald's

Savannah Nguyen

Product Leader | MasterCard

Kathryn Murphy

Product Leader | IBM

Bessie Cooper

Product Leader | Sony

Devon Lane

Product Leader | Apple

About The Product Folks

The Product Folks is a volunteer-driven community of PMs and enthusiasts who are passionate about making an impact and help everyone grow together.

We started in May 2019 with just 1 event in Bangalore, today we’re active in 9+ cities in India and 2 international chapters. Our community is 25,000+ people strong and we strive to add value to each one of their lives and help them become better Product people. Do check out everything we do here.


What People Say About Us?

TPF has built a refreshingly authentic and passionate community within record time. Having seen several communities over the past decade, I admire the execution and talent that TPF brings to the table. I am excited to see that they are opening up their playbook for other communities to learn from.

I have seen The Product Folks from one small meet-up to the massive community that it is now. No Zero-to-One journey is the same, and it's great to see TPF now being able to support other communities which are looking to grow. #PayItForward in it's truest sense. And no better team to lead this - and help with faster learning and not repeating the same mistakes TPF might have made.

Thanks to advice from The Product Folks's team, the RemoteIndian community has reached where it has. Also, it has been inspiring to see Suhas and his teammates grow The Product Folks community to unbelievable heights. Definitely worth checking out their playbook if you’re trying to go from 0 to 1 for a new community.

We help you to grow your community from Zero-to-One!

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